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Our Mission

Technology consulting - because critical decisions require critical thinking, and an objective perspective on new developments.

In an industry with new developments introduced constantly and vendors vying for your hard earned capital, it's important to stay focused on your own business goals. As your technology liaison, BarbWired conducts research and analysis of new technologies for delivering digital media more effectively. Business planning and systems upgrades are better targeted with our clear, concise reports in your hands. Customized and focused on your business goals, our in-house training gives your staff practical tips and technical insights without interrupting your demanding production schedule. With an engineering background in HDTV, CD-ROM development and MPEG, and extensive experience in the streaming media industry, we can help keep your business on the competitive edge.

Technology Research and Assessments

Do you believe everything the vendor or rep tells you about products they sell on commission or in exclusive agreements? A good sales person will know their competition and understand the advantages of the products they sell, but the chances are slim for obtaining an objective view of their products and those of their competition. A technology consultant offers unbiased technical information based on sound, reliable facts, not marketing hyperboles.

  • We drill down past the sales and marketing team and get to talk with the engineer's who developed the products you're most interested in.

  • Our engineering staff understands the technical jargon that can confuse rather than educate.

  • Once we ferret out the real story about product features and limitations, we can report it to you in terms that are significant to your business.

  • A full comparative analysis and cost breakdown of competitive products and services is offered so you can choose a logical affordable growth path

  • Technical information is distilled for use in business plans, investor pitches and upper management business decisions

You may spend a small fraction of your budget on a consultant, but the savings and peace of mind that you've made sound investments in technology are well worth the price. Relying on a highly qualified consultant can also reassure your board and investors that the right decisions are being made today and for the future of your business.

Encoding Optimizations

Can't afford to hire and train a full-time compressionist? Thinking out-sourcing your encoding is the answer? Think again. Today's encoding systems are cost-effective tools even for smaller organizations. We'll help you design and optimize your encoding processes to fit your production schedule.

  • Optimized templates for all the major encoding applications that you'll use over and over again as new content is produced.

  • Save money on out-sourcing compression services

  • Automate your encoding production for fast, reliable turn-arounds

  • Updates when new codecs are introduced are easily integrated into your encoding workflow.

Technical Training

Focused, in-house training gives your staff the competitive edge without interrupting your demanding production schedule.

  • Masters Level classes on video formats, encoding and delivery media

  • Create higher quality encoding more efficientl

  • Customized to your unique business and content requirements

  • Saves time and money in travel and work interruptions

  • Free, one-hour follow-up phone consultation for production issues

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BarbWired --- Your technology liaison

Barb Roeder, MSEE, Technology Consultant

BarbWired LLC is a technology consultancy founded in 1997 as a limited liability company operating in the state of Connecticut. Through research and training we offer our clients a better understanding of the technology that can help them deliver higher quality video productions and services. Our clients include:

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  • Corporate Video departments
  • IT/Intranet Development Teams
  • Distance Learning Companies
  • Video Production Houses
  • Video Duplication Facilities

Any general knows that good intelligence wins battles, but who has time to keep up? It's our business to stay up to date on new technology developments.

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